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Choosing the right HR software platform can be time-consuming and confusing, especially if you haven’t explored other options yet. You might be here because you’re curious to find  BambooHR alternatives that are better suited to your needs.

To help you out, we’ve compiled some popular HR software products and compared them to BambooHR based on our research into its competitors. We looked at features, ease of use, customer service, and what real users say.

This will help you find the HR software that’s perfect for your needs. And if you need help setting up, moving to a new system, or fixing problems, our tech support team is always available – Just book a free discovery call. Now, let’s get down to business.

What You’ll Learn From this Article  

– List of Top 25 BambooHR Alternatives

– What you need to know about the 7 Best Alternatives to BambooHR

– BambooHR’s Strengths, Limitations and Shortcomings

– Things to Consider Before Choosing BambooHR or Another Option

– How we can help you choose the right BambooHR alternative

List of Top 25 BambooHR Alternatives   

From our research, we found an extensive list of BambooHR Alternatives which we’ve listed below.

1. Zoho People

2. ADP

3. Bob

4. Paycom

5. Workday

6. Namely

7. SuccessFactors

8. UKG Pro

9. Zenefits

10. Breezy HR

11. Charliehr

12. Dayforce

13. Paylocity

14. Sage HR

15. APS Payroll

16. Gusto

17. Oracle

18. HROne

19. Isolved

20. Personio

21. ClearCompany, LLC

22. Freshteam

23. Rippling

24. Paychex Flex

25. BrightHR

What you need to know about the 7 Best Alternatives to BambooHR  

#1. Zoho People: Best Overall  

Zoho People is a versatile HR management system ideal for both small and large organisations. This cloud-based software offers a wide range of HR tools and features to streamline your HR processes.

Key Features:

– Employee Onboarding

– Time Off Management

– Employee Database and File Management

– Employee Self-Service

– Payroll Integration

– Advanced HR Analytics

Zoho People excels in employee scheduling, shift management, shift swapping, and time tracking compared to BambooHR. Its geofencing feature ensures employees check in only when they are at the work location. The People Kiosk with facial recognition allows employees to check in using a selfie verified by AI.

Zoho People is particularly suited for organisations with variable workforces, such as hourly, shift-based, field-based, or remote teams. It also includes an integrated learning management system (LMS) for training, a case management system for HR inquiries, and a travel management module to track travel bookings and costs. The timesheet program is useful for service-based industries like consulting.

Zoho People integrates with many popular applications, including Google Workspace, Office 365, Slack, and payment gateways like PayPal. It also connects with Zoho’s suite of apps, such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, and Zoho Projects.

Zoho People Highlights:

– Customization: Tailor forms and workflows to fit your internal HR processes.

– Self-Service Portal: Employees can update personal information, view payslips, and request time off, reducing administrative tasks for HR.

– Reporting: Gain insights into workforce trends and performance metrics to make data-driven decisions.


– Free: Up to 5 users

– Essential HR: $1/user/month

– Professional: $2/user/month

– Premium: $3/user/month

– Enterprise: $5/user/month

– People Plus: $8/user/month

Ratings and Reviews:

– G2: 4.4/5 (280+ reviews)

– Capterra: 4.3/5 (230+ reviews)

Reasons to Choose Zoho People over BambooHR:

– Scalable solution with affordable pricing tiers.

– Native add-ons for recruiting and learning management.

– Integration with other Zoho products like CRM and IT service management.

– AI chatbot Zia for answering employee questions and automating tasks like clocking in and out.

– Zoho People is the most affordable option when compared to others available. Pricing for Zoho People starts at $1/user/month for the Essential HR level. You can request a free demo and a 14-day free trial.

Want to see a demo of Zoho People? Book a convenient time now.

#2. ADP: Best for App Integration  

ADP Workforce Now is a human capital management system designed for companies with over 50 employees.

Key Features:

– Human Resources Management

– Payroll

– Benefits

– Talent Management

– Compliance

– Time & Labor Management

– Analytics & Benchmarking

This comprehensive suite is built on a single database, automating data synchronization across various functions and reducing the need for manual administrative tasks. It also integrates with other HR and business applications through the ADP Marketplace and APIs.

The platform is user-friendly and scalable, growing with your business. It offers powerful reporting tools that provide detailed insights and features proactive error detection and alerts for accuracy. ADP also ensures your data is secure and your business stays compliant with regulations.


Contact ADP for pricing details.

#3. HiBob: Best for Culture Building and Gamification  

HiBob is unique in its strong focus on fostering company culture, offering features that help create a positive and productive work environment.

Ideal for established companies looking to enhance their workplace culture, HiBob supports advanced HR processes and policies.

Key Features:

– Onboard Team Members: New hires can introduce themselves with a video and complete onboarding tasks while meeting their new colleagues.

– Manage Compensation: Easily review and manage salaries, bonuses, and equity, especially useful for U.S. users.

– Integrate Payroll Software: Sync your payroll with HiBob to streamline processes and avoid switching between platforms.

– Anonymous Reporting: Use the anonymous reporting tool to address HR issues and ensure a safe space for employees.

– Run Engagement Surveys: Conduct company-wide surveys to understand and respond to your team’s needs.

– Customise Your Experience: With a homepage resembling social media, you can personalise the interface to make your team feel comfortable.


– For pricing details, contact a sales representative for a quote.

#4. SageHR: Best for multinational customisation  

SageHR is ideal for managing a workforce spread across the UK and Europe.

With its customization options, SageHR is a market leader for multinational businesses.

Key Features:

– Multiple Languages: Available in many languages to accommodate teams across Europe.

– Unlimited Time Off Policies: Create different time off policies based on each team member’s country.

– Custom HR Policies: Assign employees to specific HR policies to avoid mismatches when booking time off.

– Self-Serve Time Off Management: Manage all time off requests in one place.

– Mobile App and Slack Integration: Approve requests and timesheets quickly via the mobile app or Slack.


– £4.50 per employee per month for core HR

– Costs increase with additional features, as not everything is included in the core package.

Want to try Zoho People for free in the next 14 days?

#5 CharlieHR: Best all-in-one software for small businesses and startups  

CharlieHR, focuses on the needs of small businesses and startups. This HR solution claims to offer the following benefits:

– No HR Person Needed: Automate all core HR tasks, including time-off management, onboarding, data storage, performance management, and engagement surveys.

– Transparent Pricing: All HR features are included in one clear price, with no setup fee.

– Secure Data Storage: Store all employee records in one secure place. Employees can update their details themselves.

– Self-Serve Onboarding: New hires go through an onboarding process where they meet the team and upload their information and documents.

– Simple Time-Off Requests: Employees can request time off directly in the software, and you can review it with one click.

– Automated Performance Reviews: Engage your team from day one with automated performance reviews.

– World-Class Perks: Access over 30,000 perks from brands like Apple and Hello Fresh, included at all price points.


– Starts at only £5 per month

– Includes all features, including perks

– No setup fee

– Cancel anytime

#6. Personio: Best for talent management   

Personio is ideal for companies looking to grow beyond 250 employees, offering many features to streamline hiring.

As companies expand, hiring becomes a priority. Personio provides tools to make this process efficient.

– Applicant Tracking System: Identify top talent by highlighting promising candidates and filtering out unsuitable ones based on your criteria.

– Interview Scheduling: Avoid admin delays with auto responses, bulk actions, and automatic interview booking.

– Offer to Onboarding: Quickly send offers using templates and eSignatures, then seamlessly transition new hires to onboarding.

– Hiring Process Tracking: Gain insights with analytics on metrics like time to hire and channel performance.

– Applicant Sourcing: Post job vacancies on multiple platforms through one software.

– Job Ads: Advertise roles on over 15 free job boards and run premium campaigns on over 600 job boards with special offers.

– Career Pages: Customise your career page to reflect your employer branding directly through Personio.


– Three packages are available based on needed features.

– Recruiting features are additional to these packages.

– For example, a company with 250 employees would pay £1,661 per month for the Essential package, which includes recruiting.

#7. CezanneHR: Best for reporting   

CezanneHR is a well-established tool, ideal for companies with over 500 employees.

With a variety of features designed for advanced HR needs, CezanneHR is perfect if you’re looking to expand your workforce and need detailed reporting capabilities. The system offers:

– Preconfigured HR Reports: View all your HR data at once, with options to save, create, share, and schedule pre-made reports.

– HR Dashboards: Turn your data into easy-to-share graphics ready for presentations, or export them for external use.

– Customised Report Builder: Create your own ad hoc reports whenever needed.

– Access Control: Share reports and insights with selected individuals or the entire company as required.

– Trends and Predictions: Use data insights to identify trends and make predictions for the future.


– Available on request

Need help setting up, migrating, or troubleshooting your HR software? Book a discovery call now.

BambooHR’s Strengths, Limitations and Shortcomings  

Of course, this information may feel incomplete without highlighting the strengths, limitations and shortcomings of BambooHR. Let’s quickly review its strengths and weaknesses.

What are BambooHR’s Strengths?  

– Excellent in-depth reporting tools

– All hiring processes can be managed on the platform

– Ideal for teams working in shifts who need time tracking

– Flexible pricing for those who don’t need all the features

What are the limitations of BambooHR?  

Although BambooHR offers many features right out of the box, you might want to look at other options if you need:

– An integrated LMS for talent development and training.

– Scheduling tools for managing hourly workers.

– Full-service payroll for handling complex teams.

– Detailed access control.

– Customizable forms, reports, and performance reviews.

What are BambooHR’s shortcomings?  

– Support is based in the US and follows US hours.

– The software isn’t optimised for UK compliance, holidays, or date formats.

– Pricing isn’t transparent and not all features are included.

– Setup can be complicated and time-consuming.

Things to Consider Before Choosing BambooHR or Another Option  

Before deciding on HR software for your business, keep these points in mind:

1. Team Size and Training: Do you have the time and resources to train your team, or do you need software that’s easy to use right away?

2. Setup Complexity: How quickly do you need the software to be up and running? Can you wait for a more complex setup, or do you need a quick solution?

3. Budget: Have you set a budget? Make sure you don’t spend more than necessary on features you might not need.

4. Essential Features: Identify the features that will save you the most time and effort. Choose software that helps you achieve your goals efficiently.

Once you’ve considered these points, you’ll be ready to choose the best HR software for your needs. If you’re still unsure, try a free 14-day trial with Zoho People today.

How we can help you choose the right BambooHR alternative  

BambooHR offers many modules, but it might not have all the customization options you need. If that’s the case, you might want to look into some of the alternatives mentioned above. If you’re unsure whether these options are suitable for you, schedule a free discovery call with our tech support team. We can discuss your specific needs and challenges, and also assist you with the implementation and migration from your current HR system.



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