ZOHO Workplace

Unify and centralize your team’s workspace, simplify file storage, and streamline team communication. Zoho Workplace is a collection of communication and collaboration applications that offers a comprehensive set of solutions for collaborating, creating, and communicating with your teams. The Zoho Workplace platform integrates email, document management, presentation, chat, and other communication tools.

Your workplace reimagined


Your Entire Office On The Cloud

Zoho Workplace lets businesses go paperless by letting users share files, communicate in real-time, create, store, and access documents, and build proposals in the cloud. Zoho Workplace does that and more.

Work On The Go With Mobile Apps

Zoho Workplace’s mobile apps let team members work anywhere. Docs, Writer, Sheet, Zoho Mail, Inbox Insight, Zoho Mail Admin App, Showtime, Connect, Cliq, and Streams. These apps are great for remote teams

Integrated Zoho tools

Zoho tools and apps easily integrate, so no third-party apps or integrations are needed. Zoho Workplace has tools for most jobs. Zoho Sheet edits presentations, Zoho Writer spreadsheets. Zoho Docs stores and manages files, and Zoho Showtime shares presentations. 

What can Zoho Workplace do for your business?

 Take your office suite wherever you go, accessing and working on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations


  • Create a Team Folder to make your documents immediately accessible to your team.

  • Share documents, spreadsheets, images, videos, and audio files both with groups and individual users..

  • Comment on images, text boxes, or any other part of a slide to improve your team’s presentations.

Zoho Cliq

  • Utilize Channels, a smart, transparent way to collaborate with your team asynchronously.

  • Find shared files, find messages, or look up people.

  • All of your daily tasks and calendar schedules are available right where you collaborate.

Zoho Writer

  • Document automation and sign collection capabilities along with Zoho CRM integration.

  • Write better with Zia, Zoho’s AI-powered assistant. 

  • Connect writer’s Merge APIs with workflow automation to save time and create integrated experiences

Zoho Sheet

  • Use checklists for keeping track of your progress, create data validations, and automate your daily tasks.

  • Publish certain parts or your entire spreadsheet online, Embed your files in your blogs/websites as a reference or report or to create virtual environments from your templates.

  • Compatible with excel files and other formats such as formats, like .ods, .csv, and .tsv.

  • Move spreadsheets from other cloud drives.

Zoho Show

  • Track changes and manage different versions of your presentations. Feel free to go back without fear of losing your most recent edits

  • Work together to review slides with Show’s real-time editing features. Attach comments to slides or to any element within a slide. Add images instead of long explanations to better convey your idea.

  • Create, edit, and store presentations online, then manage them across devices. 

Zoho Connect

  • Create an external network to bring partners, vendors, and clients together.

  • Personalize Zoho connect by adding your own domain, logo, favicon, etc. to it.

  • Know how members are interacting within a network with Zoho connect’s analytic tools.

  • Decide who can create groups and pages in your network.

  • Set defined user roles. Switch between administrator, moderator, and membe

Zoho Showtime

  • Monetize training programs and manage trainers through an admin console.

  • Use CRM to qualify leads, hold impactful sessions, and convert them to clients.

  • Organize and deliver cost-effective learning programs to a global workforce.

Zoho Meetings

  • Organize online meetings and host webinars

  • Host or join from phones using mobile apps

  • Engage the audience with polls, Q&As, raise hands, allow to talk, broadcast messages

  • Integrate with other Zoho services

A team of qualified consultants is always at your service to help you achieve the best results for your business, beginning with an initial feasibility study, continuing through successful implementation, and following up with any subsequent needs.


We collaborate with you to develop a tailored solution that meets your specific requirements. We have many years of experience providing solutions to businesses like yours and are happy to provide quotes on any project, big or small. Digital Socius is committed to providing high-quality products and services at reasonable prices.

Turnkey Solutions

Our team of qualified consultants is always at your service to help you achieve the best results for your business, beginning with an initial feasibility study, continuing through successful implementation, and following up with any subsequent needs.

  • Complete business consulting
  • In-depth feasibility analysis to comprehend all potential business use cases

Zoho Workplace TRAINING

  • Get training from Zoho experts.
  • You can choose to be trained online or have an expert instructor flown out to your company to administer a training program tailored to your needs.
  • Administrators can get in-depth Zoho One training to help them set up, configure, and maintain Zoho One.