Browse through our extensive collection of extensions, designed to help you unlock the full potential of Zoho’s suite of applications. With integrations and add-ons tailored to every need, you’ll find the perfect tools to boost productivity and streamline workflows across your business.

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Zoho CRM To Xero

Easily synchronize your Zoho CRM records with your Xero account using our Zoho CRM to Xero extension.

Zoho Books To Xero

Effortlessly synchronize your Zoho Books data with your Xero account using our Zoho Books to Xero extension.

Zoho Webinar To Zoho CRM

Easily create meetings or events using Zoom from Zoho CRM with the Zoom Webinar to Zoho CRM extension.

Zoho CRM To Quickbooks

Sync your Zoho CRM records with your Quickbooks account using our Zoho CRM to Quickbooks extension.

Zoho CRM To Freeagent

Sync your Zoho CRM records to your Freeagent account quickly and easily with our Zoho CRM to Freeagent extension.

MSOffice Connector

The MSOffice connector enables seamless synchronization between your Zoho CRM and MSOffice.

Microsoft Teams Connector

 Integrate your MSTeam account with Zoho CRM to create events/meetings using MSTeam directly from Zoho CRM.

UK Address Finder

Integrate an online UK address database to search, verify, and add customer addresses seamlessly.

Global Address Finder

Validate contact address data in Zoho CRM with ease using the Digital Socius Global Address Finder extension.